A real food Easter

Trying to have a “real food” diet is always difficult around holidays. You never really notice until you try to change your habits how holidays revolve around food. I would hate to be trying to follow a strict diet and then binge on a holiday and feel guilt instead of all the lovely feelings holidays should evoke.

We celebrate Easter – one of the worst holidays when it comes to CANDY. The past year has been a real downer for me regarding candy. I never thought candy was healthy, obviously, but learning more about the ingredients that are in candy made me sad. I wish it was as simple as too much sugar. Even sadder, is the child labor involved in conventional chocolate. Needless to say, it is completely ruined for me. The bad feelings I feel are completely outweighed by any positive I would feel from eating wax filled chocolate candy.

Now that I’ve ruined your day, I want to hopefully make it a little better and talk about what we are doing to give our kiddos Easter treats we can feel good about!

Real food Easter baskets

First, the Easter baskets — that plastic grassy stuff is awful! 1. It gets everywhere and you keep finding it months after. 2. I don’t like spending money on something that gives us absolutely no enjoyment that we will throw away within a few days of buying it. The more you think about these things, the more you really question them. Last year we tried the edible candy grass. Not really sure what I was thinking, but ew. This year we are growing our own grass and I cannot speak highly enough of this idea. The kids have had a blast taking care of the seeds and watching the grass grow. I think it is so valuable for them to watch this growth process.

I am strongly in favor of treats in moderation. I try to use honey or maple syrup for sweetening things we regularly eat, but do think the other stuff is fine for a special day… just not when all I can do is think I’m feeding my kiddos poison and enslaving other children in the process. Ok, I know that seems REALLY dramatic, but this is literally what I am thinking!

This year, I’m going to try two homemade treats. First, homemade marshmallows that I am planning to cut into the shape of chicks and/or bunnies, kind of like a homemade peep but actually edible (sorry peep fans!). I’ve seen a bunch of great recipes around that are more “real” – just google “real food homemade marshmallows” and you will find many to choose from! Second, I am going to make homemade peanut butter cups – my husband’s FAVORITE. Hopefully he loves the homemade kind as much (or more than?) Reese’s! This is the recipe I’m going to try: Healthy Chocolate Peanut Butter Fudge.

We will put a few little toys in their baskets too. I am really looking forward to providing healthier treats for my little ones this year, and making baskets for them that I am really proud to give them. What are your Easter basket plans?

4 thoughts on “A real food Easter

  1. This is so impressive Saz!!! I wish I could say I’m doing a healthy Easter basket but I’m not. I didn’t do much candy, more toys, games, books, shoes…but there are some treats too. I’d really love to know about these homemade marshmallow peeps!

  2. Thank you for these ideas. Like you our family is real food eaters but I too struggle with holidays. This year however, my goal is to make holidays real food as well but still allow my children the fun of some homemade treats. I cringe when I see peeps, makes my stomach turn. ~Alexis on behalf of everyone at A Moment with M.O.M.

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